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Repat Armenia

Spending time in Armenia is somewhere on the to do list for many, if not most, Armenians. That could mean short-term volunteering, career or life experience for a couple of years, or longer term moves to the country. In that last respect, an organisation was established a couple of years ago – “to take the concept of active repatriation promotion to the next level”.

Repat Armenia got going in 2012 and has since taken on the task of helping Diasporans plan and implement moving to Armenia, including legal and technical information, assistance with the job hunt, and creating a community of fellow recent arrivals to share such information as the best schools for the kids, where to shop, what events to attend, etc.

Regular networking get-togethers take place in Yerevan, while Repat Armenia has held forums to reach out to Armenian communities in such places as Los Angeles, Tehran, London, Moscow, New York, Beirut, Tbilisi, Buenos Aires, New Jersey, and St. Petersburg.

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