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Civilnet and Hetq

Sure, The 100 Years, 100 Facts Project can tell you about cool stuff that’s going on in Armenia today, as it has in the past (and will dedicate a fact to in future). But how do you keep up on a regular basis with the goings-on in the country? Well, there are a number of news websites out there, many of them in English or with reports in English. Not to play favourites, but, if you are new to the world of Armenian media, we would recommend the following two news sources based in Yerevan:

CivilNet. This online reporting and broadcasting outlet has made something of a revolution in journalism in Armenia. A young, forward-looking team produces news reports, feature stories, interviews, and more, including live webcasts of key events in Yerevan and around the country. Check out the website at and the Facebook page at

Hetq. Besides regular news reports, interviews, and feature stories, Hetq specialises in investigative journalism, a field that is yet underdeveloped in Armenia. (The name itself means “trace”.) Stories about many issues of widespread concern, such as corruption scandals, human trafficking, or other violations of human rights, are often first broken through this media outlet. Have a look at and follow the Facebook page at

As we say, there are other worthwhile Armenian news sources on the web too.

A sample from Civilnet: Թաքնված Երևան: «Կարին»․ փակելով շղթան | Hidden Yerevan. Karin: Completing the Circle

(Disclaimer: The 100 Years, 100 Facts Project has been featured on CivilNet in the past. Both CivilNet and Hetq have featured writing from members of the 100 Years, 100 Facts team. Neither media outlet requested or paid for their inclusion in this post.)