Initiatives We Love


We at 100 Years, 100 Facts recognise 2014 as 99 years on since the Armenian Genocide – and also as a year when such tools as the internet and social media allow for engagement and action as never before.

ONEArmenia takes things a step further. Founded by Patrick Sarkissian and based out of New York and Yerevan, the ONEArmenia team has been behind a number of crowdsourced and crowdfunded social, cultural, and tech projects in Armenia since 2012: the renovation of a kindergarten, a free-to-ride public bus, instruments for a musical initiative, an app, clean water, a rock opera… the list goes on in public, transparent campaigns aimed at bringing about meaningful changes – or disruptions, as they like to call it – in what’s what in the homeland.

Check out their website or their Facebook page and join in the latest moves from ONEArmenia.