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Like many cultures, nationalities, or ethnic groups, there is a lot that could be said about Armenians and Armenia. There is always more that could be said, there are always things that could be left unsaid. Some of the facts presented are well-known, some of them are more obscure. A few are particularly sensitive, whether for Armenians or for Turks, for those who may hold extreme or biased views. We have selected facts touching on a range of topics that we believe are informative, substantive, and will appeal to a broad, popular audience.


While we are not career historians or academics, care has been taken to maintain a level of scholarship in presenting these facts. Authorities are cited for proper credit .  We encourage the reader to use the links and references to pursue additional research on a particular fact if they wish to do so.


We have taken care not to go beyond the facts – that is beyond the scope of this project – although we certainly understand that conversations around these facts may involve opinion or argument as to the circumstances surrounding the fact.  Our goal is to just present the fact as objectively as can be determined with citation to credible authority or authorities.


Our website was produced in the English language and all translation is provided by Google Translate (by machines, and not by a person).  Unfortunately, that means that the accuracy of the translation is almost always incorrect in some way.  We hope, though, that the translation can provide at least enough information for the reader to understand the basics and the essence of the fact.

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