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Armenian DNA Project

We are living in a world of rapid technological development, and one of the most exciting areas of science that has been growing in recent years is DNA research. So, of course, it should surprise no one that there exists the Armenian DNA Project – “an important resource for Armenians researching their family history and their deep ancestry through genetic testing”.

Who knows what secrets from the ancient past could come to light through just some cheek swabs being sent to a lab? Among other activities, the Armenian DNA Project offers DNA analysis for the direct maternal and paternal lines (mtDNA and Y-DNA) as well as one’s overall genetic makeup (autosomal DNA). Given the turbulent nature of the past century (and more) of Armenian life and movement, family lines are very hard to trace, family trees difficult to draw. DNA testing is one way to add and discover links and branches.

The Armenian DNA Project also looks to uncovering a bigger historical picture: “By reaching thousands of years into the past, this project also aims to find genetic traces of both the ancient peoples whose descendants make up the current Armenian population (Armens, Colchians, Hattians, Hayasa, Hayk, Hittites, Hurrians, Kaskians, Luwians, Mitanni, Mushkis, Pala, Phrygians, Urartians, etc.) and the ancient invaders who conquered or passed through the Armenian lands (Assyrians, Gamrik-Gimirri-Cimmerians, Galatian Celts, Greeks, Parthians, Romans, Scythians, Macedonians, Medes, Persians, etc.)”

Check out the website at for a LOT of general information about DNA research, as well as lectures and interviews by the administrators. For example, Hovann Simonian and Peter Hrechdakian spoke on DNA and the origin of the Armenian people for the 18th Annual Vardanants Day Armenian Lecture at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC:

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