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Naregatsi Art Institute

One of our objects at 100 Years, 100 Facts is to introduce our readership to today’s Armenia and the various ways in which the Diaspora is connected to it. A very active field in this regard is the arts, and no other institution exemplifies the drive that the Homeland-Diaspora connection can have through the arts than the Naregatsi Art Institute.

Established in 2000, the Naregatsi spaces in Yerevan (opened in 2004) and Shoushi (opened in 2006) are used to showcase Armenian art and culture as broadly as possible, while also bringing the art of the Diaspora and the world to Armenia. There’s always a recital, an exhibition, a lecture, a movie, a class on, always free, always open to the public.

The Naregatsi Art Institute also sponsors the Naregatsi Ensemble that plays Armenian folk music with traditional instruments. Naregatsi continues to produce books and CDs featuring work by Armenian artists.

Have a look at the website at and the Facebook page.

The Naregatsi Art Institute is also on YouTube at

Here’s a clip on the occasion of Naregatsi’s 10th anniversary: