Initiatives We Love

Paros Foundation

The Initiative We Love this week is the Paros Foundation, based in Berkeley, California. As mentioned on the website, “The Paros Foundation’s goal is to develop high quality high integrity non-governmental organizations in Armenia by significantly upgrading their working environment, providing guidance and needed resources.”

Paros has its focus mostly on individuals with disabilities, the arts, and children, supporting a choir and music school, two centres for children and young people, an art museum, and a special needs non-profit.

Not surprisingly, 100 Years, 100 Facts finds projects with catchy names and meaningful impact cool. In that light, the Paros Foundation has been working towards supporting one hundred educational, cultural, development, and humanitarian projects large and small all over Armenia – The Paros 100 for 100 Projects for Prosperity Program.

Visit the website or “like” the Facebook page. And if you would like to support one or more of the Paros 100 for 100 Projects, check out

Armenia’s First Security Wall Built at the Nerkin Karmir Aghbyur Kindergarten.